Sunday Dinner Diary: top 5 | The Excitement

No. 1. Mortgage Interest Rates

While the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates yet again for the 9th straight time, many HomeBuyers are gaining traction again as mortgage interest rates dropped slightly as financial market concerns came to the fore over the last two weeks!! Now, on the homebuyer front, the news is more positive with improved purchase demand and stabilizing home prices. If mortgage rates continue to slide over the next few weeks, you need to look for a rebound during the first weeks of the spring homebuying season. SOOOO with that and a lack of inventory we might have ourselves a HOT HOT Summmaa. We can never time buying perfectly so it’s a game of can you even still qualify? A lot of Buyers gave up buying last year for reasons I totally understand BUT don’t wait around for that what-if to happen again. We are in a sweet spot and in between Markets so if buying a home this year is one of your goals, lets chat so we can realize this goal together!

No. 2. Almond Haus updates

We kicked up the notch into high gear with all inspections passed and approved, we are finishing up the design of the store, stocking up on supplies and will be ready to open up very very soon! We will announce our Grand Opening on our Instagram and all Social Media Channels!

No. 3. Visiting Oxnard

We headed to Oxnard on Friday for our friend Ryans dads funeral. It was such a nice service and I got to see how loved he was by everybody who surrounded him. We also got to visit Virgils sister and my friend Val and her new baby. The ended up at our friends Lois and Kevin’s house. We really made the most out of our quick trip.

No. 4. Final walk through with The Senelath’s

Busy busssyyy weekend. I got to conduct a final walk through with my Clients to take another look at their new home before closing escrow and GOSSHHH, seeing them so happy and envisioning their new life in that space was really exciting to see.

No. 5. Orange Hills for Huongs Birthday

My cousin Huong turned 40 and what a way to celebrate at Orange Hills watching the sunset with her loved ones surrounding her! We shared memories and talked about how the your 40’s is really the new 30’s!!


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