Sunday Dinner Diary: top 5 | loaded w/ work + fun

No. 1. Rain drops & Spring nails

I am so happy to have been able to catch some me time and get a pedicure. The nail salon I go to is Tick Tick Nails out in Monterey Park. They have been my go to for awhile now and YES, they open and use a new sterile nail kit for each customer!

No. 2. Celebrating moms birthday

We have been blessed to celebrate another year with my mom. We got her a Chinese strawberry cake and ate at Capital Seafood restaurant with all of our favorite dishes!

No. 3. Work, work, work

Rain or Shine! I dropped in with one of my Clients to conduct their home inspection for their new home. No matter how many homes you buy, it is always a little nerve wrecking and that butterfly stomach never seem to ever go away no matter how much of a veteran buyer you are because Markets change, guidelines change and your investment philosophies and wants change! My Buyers are moving out of the area that they have lived in for years and years to something of about the same size and a yard more manageable. I am excited see them move into their new home!

No. 4. Abigail and Christians Wedding

Virgil, Millie and I had the privilege to support and witness Abigail and Christians Wedding over the weekend and JUST WOW. These two love birds met in The Navy and it was truly love at first sight. Hearing their love story and seeing Gerrys relationship with his daughter Abigail made me feel so emotional now that we have Millie because one day Virgil will be giving her away and she will start her own Family!! Funny enough ive talked to Virgil about this after the wedding and he said “Isnt that what we want?” – LOLLL

No. 5. Weekend Shenanigans

After showing a couple of properties this afternoon, my family and I went to have KBBQ at Oo-Kook. Definitely not like how I remembered it pre pandemic! With a well nourished weekend comes a productive week ahead for us. Have a great one!


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