Sunday Dinner Diary: top 5 | the curveball

No. 1. Under the weather

My Family and I started the week off feeling under the weather. The great thing is that we all are sick at the same time so we get to spend time together with our filthy germs in our own little home. Some things that are keeping us going

  1. Tiger Balm
  2. TheraFlu –
  3. Baby Tylenol –
  4. Warm lemon with lots of honey + water

No. 2. Almond Haus update

Our boba shop is coming soon but really NOT SOON ENOUGH! Our health inspection was scheduled for this week but because our entire family got sick, I rescheduled our inspection for the safety of our contractors and the inspector! Please check our Social Media pages for opening updates!!

No. 3. Financial education at Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Melisande and I dropped by Virgils office in Rancho Cucamonga, ca to listen in on his meetings and to see what new vehicles are out there that may support our family’s financial needs. I enjoyed some lunch provided by Pacific Life before heading home. Heres a little reel on my Instagram highlighting my time there!

No. 4. Catching up with Basketball

I was able to sneak away from home chores and grocery shopping to watch Virgil and our friend Augie play basketball this Sunday. I have not seen one of Virgils basketball games in such a long time and it was great being able to bring Millie to the game!

No. 5. Checking in on my Listing

The Buyers will be conducting their final walk through this coming Sunday on one of my Listings and I will be saying my final goodbyes to this property. I did a quick walk through to ensure all is good prior to their walk so things will go as smooth as possible. Now our family and I will be ending our final hours of our weekend with some ramen and chicken wings. We had Korean BBQ planned for Sunday dinner but we are just pooped from our weekend activities and prefer to eat what we have at home and cuddle up on the couch! Hope you had a great weekend!

Cheers, JUDY HA

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