The month of January has come and gone. Got to celebrate New Years ANND Lunar New Year. I always feel lucky because I get two New Years for being Chinese! Being that today is the last day of The Lunar New Year, I am very excited for my first Sunday Dinner Diary!

Last year has been such an incredible year for me as I got promoted to be a mother to my amazing daughter Melisande. It’s been 8 months and I am STILL pinching myself! I don’t feel like a mom some days and It’s hard at times trying to balance being mommy and work but it is also so fulfilling, rewarding and fun to watch and see her grow into her own person!

For those who did not know, my husband and I were on our TTC journey for many years! With no luck after our miscarriage and 4 years later we decided to see VUK JOVANOVIC, MD, FACOG at Tree of Life who is an infertility doctor recommended by my good friend Margaret. We have nothing but good things to say about Dr. J and his practice. Not only was he personable, he made the process as easy as possible for us!

After a few morning appointments, we had a free Saturday afternoon and went to Hangar 24 to hang out with some friends to catch up.

Then finishing off my weekend with a few more morning appointments and some Hot Pot with the family at Happy Lamb.

It is going to be another stupendous week ahead and I am excited to recap on it every week on SDD and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Cheers, JUDY HA

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