A Guide to Closing Costs: Who pays what?

Closing Costs are expenses on top of your purchase price. Costs incurred include Loan Fees Escrow Fees, Title Fees , Deed Recording and etc. .

It’s always a good idea to factor in the closing costs so you can properly plan and manage your finances. In general, you can expect to pay 2-4% of the purchase price in closing costs, not including the down payment

These are typical standard fees in the Southern California Region

Standard owner Title Insurance Title Insurance premiums
Real Estate Commission Escrow loan tie in Fee
Escrow Fee 50/50 Escrow fee 50/50
Notary Fees Notary Fee
Demand Fees Document prep Fees
Document Prep Fee Recording charge for docs in Buyers Name
Document Transfer Taxes Termite Inspection (to contract)
Any City/County   transfer Taxes Tax Proration’s
Any bond or assessments (to contract) All new Loan Charges
Any all delinquent taxes Inspection Fees
Any unpaid HOA Dues Home Warranty (to contract)
Payoff of all loans in Sellers name Appraisal Fee
Interest accrued to lender being paid off Fire Insurance for the first year
Termite Inspection (to contract) Buyers sub-escrow Fee
Termite work (to contract)
Home Warranty (to contract)
Any judgments or tax liens against Seller
Recording charges
Tax Proration’s
Sellers sub-escrow Fee
Homeowners transfer Fee
HOA Doc prep Fee


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