My first time in San Francisco

I experienced my first trip to San Francisco EVER recently that came up by surprise! A good one rather but here’s what happened….

Virgil’s (my husband) sister Eleanor had announced their engagement earlier this year with intentions of having their wedding in the Summer of 2019. Super stoked and excited for them, in April 2018, we were informed that the wedding was going to be pushed up a lot sooner than expected. Curious to know, we found out the wedding was going to be the following month; May 2018. Even more intrigued, Virgil and I are thinking, what is going on? Did something happen? Is someone pregnant??!!!

Come to find out Eleanor began graduate school and is working towards her M.B.A. Eleanor’s now wife Stefanie is working on her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Somatic Psychology. Both graduating next year, opens up a lot of new opportunities for them SO they’ve decided to get married now so they can enjoy a honeymoon and themselves before getting back on the grind. AND I cannot be mad at that!

If you want to know how my trip went…keep on reading.

Virgil and I flew in to SFO Thursday morning May 3, 2018 and returned home to LAX on Saturday May 5, 2018.

Thursday May 3, 2018
We arrived at SFO airport and took an Uber to our Hotel to check in and get ready. Thank goodness we were able to check in early! After getting ready, we walked to San Francisco City Hall to meet up with Eleanor to be by her side.

The wedding ceremony happened!!!

After the Ceremony, we headed our way to the reception, which was held at The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant. After the reception, we decided to grab drinks at Charmaine’s located at The Proper Hotel. This is where it gets fun! We ended up staying there for the remainder of the evening. Gosh, the views at Charmaine’s couldn’t have been better. This spot was perfect for our intimate group.

The Brides decided to call it a night where Virgil and I made our way out to walk back to our Hotel. *Rumbling, rumbling*, I realized we didn’t eat since about 1PM. Its about 9PM at this time and I AM HUNGRY! We decided to not check yelp and just find a restaurant we see nearby our Hotel. How relieved were we to find Robin! This was one really exciting omakase experience. The staff was very friendly and informative. The food had a slight twist with nigiri coming with a potato chip. Overall, amazing!

OMAKASE for 2 at $79/PP
Each serving came with 13 dishes I believe, I cannot remember =(

Friday May 4, 2018
Friday was a day we went exploring!! We went to Fisherman’s Wharf and started off at Boudin’s ordering their clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl and a ham sandwich. We then later met up with Virgils sister Shirley and his Brother in law Albert to have lunch. We ended up at Fog Harbor Fish House at Pier 39. This was also very delicious! Eleanor recommended Tarantino’s but unfortunately they were closed when we were ready for lunch! This is what we ordered

House Salad: $8.00
Fried Combo: $23.00
Shellfish Platter: $39.00 for one $65.00 for two

After we finished lunch, this is where Virgil and I started our walking journey. From fisherman’s wharf we walked to Lombard Street. After Lombard Street we attempted to walk to Chinatown. Maybe about ¾ of the way there, I had major blisters on my feet so conveniently I looked up and there was my good old pal NIKE. I ended up buying some new sneakers which I LOOVVEE to continue our journey!!! We made it to Chinatown to finish exploring. As pooped as I was, I wanted to walk back to our hotel room so we did! We probably did a good 6 hours of walking LOL! That evening we had reservations at Petit Marlowe’s; sadly, we didn’t make it. My legs were numb and just getting ready didn’t seem feasible anymore, UBER Eats came to the rescue. We ordered in and ended our evening.

Saturday May 5, 2018
Waking up not at home on a Saturday is a really sad feeling for me. As much as I would love to travel more, I get home sick and I miss my dogs. Today I was ready to be home! We checked out of our hotel at about 10:30AM and walked (again) to Brenda’s for breakfast/brunch. Brenda’s offer a French Soul Food menu and can I tell you how delicious their crawfish beignets were??!!!! Out of this world!! This is what we ordered

Crawfish Beignets: $12.00
Molasses Ham Benedicts: $13.75
Grillades & Grits: $14.50

I almost forgot to mention, while waiting in line, I stopped in to Libby Jane’s; Brenda’s sister company for some coffee. The coffee was good too! After brunch, we headed to the airport and that was a wrap!! Below are some photos we took while on our trip!






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