Your Property Taxes are due

1. Property tax: First installment is due November 1st and will be overdue if not paid by December 10th. This tax bill covers the tax for 07/01/2022 -12/31/2022

2. Supplemental Tax: If you purchased any property this year, you also might receive a supplemental tax bill. This bill is for the difference between what the seller used to pay and what your new amount due is. The due dates may vary.

3. If you have an impound, or escrow account, where your tax bill and insurance are wrapped into the mortgage payment, then the bill will say “for information only” in red. This is just for your review and records. Do not pay this, as it is not a bill that is due.

4. If you are not sure whether you have an impound account or not, please feel free to call your lender or feel free to reach out to me for help.

5. You can mail the payment to the county collector or go online to pay electronically with your checking account or credit card.

If you need assistance: Please feel free to call me at 626-731-4485. I am always here for any of your real estate needs!

Thank you for reading!

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