How to Decorate Your Home (As a Couple) and Avoid Overspending

When you decide to merge your life with your partner’s, things can get complicated. And decorating your new place as a couple might not be as fun and romantic as you imagined. But there are ways to achieve home harmony—both in terms of your budget and your style. Here’s how.


Take Advantage of Money-Saving Tips and Deals

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for everything you need for home, Kohl’s is an excellent solution. And though prices already tend to be lower than bigger-name stores, there are plenty of ways to save.

Everything from towels to coffee makers can be found on Kohl’s shelves, and with deals like Yes2You Rewards (which gives points for purchases that add up to cash) and mail-in rebates, you can save a ton and preserve your decorating budget. Plus, those Kohl’s Cash coupons are no joke—you receive $10 for every $50 you spend.

And, if you spend wisely, a Kohl’s credit card can be a great deal. You receive 25 percent off your first purchase, plus the card can help you build up your credit score. It might just get and your beau started on a path toward healthy shared finances. Check out some Kohl’s saving tips to pad your wallet all the more!

Get on the Same (Style) Page with Your Partner

Decorating a home can be daunting even if you and your partner share a style sense. But if your paint scheme and decorating preferences are at odds, some compromise will likely be involved. A key strategy for smoothing over style disagreements is by starting with a neutral coat of paint and then adding pieces you both love.

Expert designers at Elle Décor recommend neutral shades like ultra-light gray, off-white, beige, or a clean, crisp white. On top of being easy to work with now, a toned-down wall color is also ideal if you plan to sell your home in the future—it’s easier to stage (and sell) a home with a neutral backdrop.

Once you have your wall colors selected, choosing elements from both you and your partner’s list of favorites can help you outfit rooms you’ll both enjoy. There are too many styles to list them all but knowing that contrasting styles can totally work together may help ease the stress of interior decorating.

For example, House Beautiful emphasizes blending pieces from different eras to create a vibrant indoor space. Their designers also recommend strategies like mixing hard elements with soft ones, square shapes with round, and blocky styles with longer, thinner elements. After all, being too matchy-matchy means a boring and bland space.

Try Out Digital Design Tools

You don’t have to be a professional designer to try out some helpful tools from the industry. Many online shopping sites offer technology that helps you visualize what a product will look like in your home. Amazon, Target, Wayfair, Houzz, and Pottery Barn all have free tools for virtual furniture previews in the comfort of your home.

There are also many free room design, furniture, color, flooring, and accessory tools available. Top selections for overall utility include:

These online tools are also super helpful for narrowing down style choices—or getting your partner to see things your way.

Reuse and Repurpose

Though it’s convenient to toss old furniture and décor and replace it, frugality may have you hanging onto old pieces. The good news is that many items are often reusable, whether that means repurposing them into something else entirely or applying a fresh coat of paint.

Consider reupholstering an old but beloved chair instead of buying a new one. Tackling such a project as a couple may help you strengthen your bond even further. Plus, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come. It’s an inexpensive solution you can both love!

Combining your possessions, style, and preferences with your partner’s can be frustrating. But once you find a property that you love, decorating it together is an excellent way to transform it from house to home. And the best part is that you don’t have to wipe out your budget to make it an inviting and enjoyable place to live.

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Article by By Natalie Jones

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