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When you make the decision to sell your home, there’s so much to do. Finding your Realtor® should be one of the very first steps you take so they can help you plan and prepare for your transition out of your current home and into your new one, where ever that may be.

If you are like me and like to do some preliminary work ahead of time, below will be some items you can tackle on your own or with your Realtor.

  • Have you tried Google-ing your address? Many Buyers today search online during their hunt for a home. You should be conscious of what your online listing looks like as it may influence the kind of concerns buyers will have.
  • Account for improvements and repairs – If you’ve owned your home for a while, make a list of all the problems you’ve solved while you’ve lived there. Remember, whether you solved the problem or not, you should always disclose it to the prospective Buyer. Tell your Realtor about improvements they cannot see such as added insulation or regrading the property for better drainage.
  • Don’t negate the minor imperfections – YUP, make sure the doorbell rings. A well kept home starts from great curb appeal to the inviting entry way up to your front door. This can translate good energy flow as your prospective Buyer makes its way into your house tour.
  • Cleanliness is so important – Clean inside everything especially storage areas and stack everything up nicely. Buyers are going to poke around inside closets, drawers, cabinets, ovens, refrigerators, and even the dishwasher, whether they’re cleaned or not. Hire a maid for a deep clean if possible.
  • What is not included in the Sale? Tell your Realtor so there’s not miscommunication between parties. We don’t want a buyer to fall in love with your house because of the custom window treatments and then rescind their offer when they find out the curtains aren’t for sale.

Once you’ve located your Realtor, consider their advice and tell them what will and will not work. Let them know what’s the best way to communicate with you. Is it through text or maybe email because your workplace doesn’t allow cellphone. Are you on the road a lot so a good ol’ phone call works best? If you have communication down with your Realtor, there’s a good chance selling your house won’t be nearly as stressful as everyone tells you it is.

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