Your HASSLE-FREE Moving Guide

Moving houses can be one of the most stressful things you do in life – but with the right preparation and planning, you can guarantee yourself a smooth move.

4 Weeks before the move

  • The less stuff you have, the quicker, cheaper and easier the move will be.
  • Ask yourself, have I used this within the last year? If not, donate items to charity shops, sell them through various online apps or have a garage sale.
  • Confirm your moving date
  • If possible, opt for a midweek move and avoid Holidays (you wont be charged more for a van hire)
  • If renting, notify your landlord
  • Decide on a plan of action
    • If using moving firms, start obtaining quotes
    • If going DIY, look at hiring van prices and start asking your friends
    • Make sure your content insurance covers transit
    • Notify relevant companies of your move – Banks, Utilities, Internet, Phone, Bills
  • Start collecting Boxes and Newspaper
  • Start clearing out sheds and the exterior of the home
  • Start packing nonessential items – books, non seasonal clothing etc

Two Weeks before The Move

  • Return any borrowed items back to friends & neighbors
  • Arrange for post to be forwarded. USPS allows you to do this online for a small fee
  • If needed, arrange for a babysitter or pet sitter for moving day
  • Research nearby takeaways to plan ‘first nights in’ meal
  • Start eating the food in your freezer (and refrain from buying more)
  • Start to pack items in the least used room first
  • Use the biggest box for the lightest items (this will help boxes from becoming too heavy)
  • Label boxes by room and number them (have a list of the contents on a separate sheet to prevent theft)

Four Days before The Move

  • Work out the best route for your move
    • Are there any low bridges or weight-restricted areas?
    • Are there any planned road works?
  • Empty & defrost Fridge and Freezer
  • Pack a ‘first nights in box’
    • Include a change of clothes, toilet rolls, cash, important phone numbers, toothbrush, blanket, sleeping clothes and a flashlight
  • Pack away your Kitchen
    • Pack your dishes in towels, not newspaper
    • Make sure any liquids have secure lids
  • Remind your neighbors that you are moving
    • They can keep clear any areas the van might need
  • Finalize packing
    • Keep valuable documents separate and safe

One Day before The Move

  • Make sure you have keys to your new house
  • Pack and label a refreshments box
  • Make sure your cell phones are fully charged – you will need this

MOVING DAY – Loading

  • Make sure everything is 100% ready before your first helper arrives
  • Have music playing during the move – make it fun
  • Leave your contact details for the new occupants if needed
  • Take photos of the water, electrical, and gas meter of your old home
  • Assign your friend who is best at Tetris to pack the van
  • Pack your refreshments box and first nights in box last on the van or drive it there with your personal car


  • Take photos of the water, electrical, and gas meter of your new home
  • Unpack the refreshments box – moving house is thirsty and hungry work!
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors
  • Prioritize setting up your bed so you can jump in later
  • Arrange for take out delivery for you and your probably exhausted friends

Start packing early. Have a strong moving day plan and have plenty of help on the day of. You might just end up enjoying the experience!

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