The Marble Alternative

Is anybody else obsessed with marble? Anything marble in a home is always a statement and silently screams classic. I’ve always been a fan of marble especially with black marble lately. Statement marble does not come with a cheap price tag. It can actually be quite expensive and this is why I have not invested in marble in my home. NOT READY FOR IT…Not yet, at least! Maybe, perhaps a black marble dining table for my next house.

Anyway, so while cleaning up my home one day I asked myself what can I do to this bar cart that I cannot part ways with? (The mirrored part cracked) I thought, I know! How nice would it be if I could replace the cracked mirror with a piece of marble. Since the bar cart is a tiny, tiny item doing so wouldn’t be so costly. Doing some research, I see that marble is in the $180/SF range. Of course there are least expensive varieties, but that got me in AW and also in SHOCK! In addition to marble, there are many alternatives out there that can offer the same look at a smaller price tag. I think Cesarstone makes a good quartz complement for the marble look and its much more scratch resistant!

Now getting back to my bar cart, I decided to use a little DIY magic and purchased a roll of Grey Marble Adhesive Film on Amazon. And TA-DA! Look how nice it came out! After doing this I got so inspired that I also marble-fied my dresser!

I really liked how the project pieces turned out. I think the key is to use the marble film on smaller items that can add a bold touch to any space but don’t overuse it on kitchen cabinets and etc.

You can buy the marble paper on Amazon here



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