If you are looking for a home in Miami and have massive amounts of Bitcoins to spare, there may be a property on the Market perfect for you. The Listing found on Redfin shows that the Seller is asking for 33BTC’s for the 1-bed/1.5 baths Penthouse.

To make sense of it in dollars, the rate of Bitcoin today is at $13,923 making the home’s asking price to be $459,459. If using Tuesday’s rate of $16,461, the asking price would be 543,213. But hey, last weeks high was at approx. $17,221. That would have made the property worth a peeping $568,293.

It’s not the first real estate property sale that accepts a cryptocurrency as payment, but I do find it unusual to see that it’s ONLY accepting Bitcoin. In 2014, a Lake Tahoe property sold for $1.6 million in Bitcoin. In exchange, the Buyer got a 1.4-acre home site in the Martis Camp’s Lodge Estates section. Martis Camp itself is a private, gated community that is spread across 2,177 acres. Earlier this year too, a Buyer in Austin, Texas, purchased a house using only Bitcoin for payment.

Those who’s experienced the revolution has said the transactions went smooth. May be even faster than some traditional Buy and Sell methods.

With the volatility, I wonder if there would be any new clauses that would be put in place?

Can these early stages of Real Estate Buying and Selling illustrate crypto’s potential to transform how financial transactions are conducted? The increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, may reform a variety of industries beyond finance, from transportation to entertainment to politics.



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